Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Photo, Oh Well

I've realized I tend to not post because I want to add a photo of Joshua each time (he changes so quickly), but this isn't always feasible when I need to alter it in'm just going to write to you now without one.

That said, Joshua is 8 months! In the past month he has been doing so many new things. I think we've gotten to the stage where there's something new almost every day. He is a major mimicker now. Let's see, a couple of weeks ago he started rocking back and forth. He'll copy us if we start rocking back and forth, and tonight he was rocking with the music from his new Leap Frog music center. Whether that was a coincidence or not I have yet to find out. And Joshua does the cutest thing with Matt. For awhile he'll make this noise that's like a growl, just without the vocals (if that makes sense)...kind of a gurgling in his throat, but like a growl. Anyway, Matt started doing this with his "claws" in the air while calling Joshua a grizzly bear and the two of them will just go back and forth growling at each other. Joshua gets the biggest grin on his face! He has also resumed opening and closing his mouth (the first time he did this was while watching Daddy eat a sandwich). He didn't do it for a couple of weeks, but now he'll do it across the room at me- so cute! One more thing, this week I noticed him moving his tongue forward in his mouth, sometimes accidentally making a slight clicking noise. So, I will click and he'll mimick. He's so smart! Okay, he's doing what every baby does, but I'm allowed to be enamored with my son, lol!

Also, our baby is mobile, but not on all fours yet. Joshua rolls everywhere, including smack into the entertainment center or couch or whatever is in his way, though he sometimes doesn't quite get he should roll the other way so he ends up smacking his head over and over. He also has started to roll onto the brick in the entry and the kitchen, which says "OUCH!" to me, but he doesn't seem phased. Today Joshua rolled to get something I had and once he was on his belly I moved the item further to his side to see if he'd move for it. He did!, and almost turned 45 degrees, so this is the closest to scooting thus far. Matt is very eager for Joshua to crawl. I'm not in as big of a hurry, but I have been wondering if he'll be interested soon. So, we'll see how quickly this will progress.

Okay, I need to sign off. Joshua and I have a day in Bakersfield ahead of us, and I'm going to attempt to do a bit of homework before bed to make up for tomorrow. Joshua will be taking his 8 month pics at Picture People (I'll see if I can load a link for everyone to see them). A slight pat on my back, I set a goal to finally finish the quilt I began while I was pregnant so we could have it in the pictures. It was almost done before Joshua was born, but I just haven't had the time. Very sad, two-thirds of a year later and it's finally complete. What a wonderful feeling, though (even if it was a super easy quilt and I'm just lame for taking so long)!

I'll add a new pic soon. This weekend Melissa, Joshua, and I are going to the baby shower of my friend Emily (Rosander) Sardo from high school- fellow jr. miss'r and graduate. My dad is meeting us for lunch, so we get to see Hudson, yea! We'll definitely get some cute shots of the two boys together ;). Love you!


Theresa Tyree said...

Hi Jen! Can't wait to see that quilt, but especially our little man at 8 months old! Wow, he's really mobile now, isn't he? Just wait. It gets worse! LOL!

Theresa Tyree said...

I need a Joshua fix!!