Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mini Update

Okay, this isn't going to be much of a post because I really don't have time. It's 9:30ish, we're still getting used to the time change, and Joshua is still sleeping (gotta wake that boy up)! But I do want to pop in to say "hi" and to let you know that I've kind of gotten into Flickr (though I am due for some new pics, especially of the kids), so that is one place you can follow me a bit more. Admittedly, I'm posting sewing projects a bit more (all of these public places still leave me a little uneasy about just anyone being able to look at pics of my kids...even here on the blog), but you can still keep up with me if you like. My username there is mjandco.

Anyway, we are all doing well. Matt is busy with school, taking classes online with National University--1 class every 4 weeks! He's majoring in Psychology now; I'm pretty sure we have a winner :). He has such a gift working with teenagers, so that's the direction he's thinking. Oh, and he transferred to the high school this year and it has not taken long for the admin to be impressed.

Joshua has been going to preschool 2 mornings per week and he loves it! Just had a second parent-teacher conference yesterday and apparently he has come out of his shell and is flourishing. Still learning appropriate social skills ;), but I can definitely see how much he has learned. Lately he's been loving pulling out his little Spiderman computer, turning on the "Spell Your Name" option, and asking how to spell everyone's names. He's getting pretty good about recognizing when a letter is in anothers' name. Still as silly as ever; so much like his daddy :)

Carly is 21 months already--yikes! She truly is Miss Personality, still as particular as ever. Add "terrible twos" to that and it's quite a combination! She is very smart and picks up new words EVERY day. She learns a lot from her big brother, too. She's been singing her ABCs (not all correct, but she follows along well) and has learned some counting (incredible!). Carly cracks me up because she loves her babies and other girly things, but is totally in love with trucks, trains, tractors, Spiderman, Handy Manny--lots of boy things, too!

I finished up one of my classes in January (had to get an extension) and decided I needed a little break. I'd planned on March 1st being the start date to study as I can try to test out of a few classes (7 left!). But I've been enjoying the extra time to sew and not be stressed, so I need some good motivation to get myself going again!

Well, I wrote more than I intended, so that's good news for those of you who actually wanted to hear from us ;). My least favorite part of blogging is having to find and edit photos, and I'm just not going to take the time to do that right now (though pics are one of my favorites about others' blogs!). Anyway, please feel free to leave a little comment and let me know you visited :). Oh...and Happy St. Patricks Day!