Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I warned you!

Okay, months later, here goes.

Happy 1st Birthday, Joshua! Funny, once this day came and went I stopped crying dreading its arrival. On the day itself we had a nice time doing the normal and also made a trip to the park to play. Unfortunately, I accidentally formatted my camera (wasn't thinking!) and every photo from his big day is gone. This mom's heart is broken, but at least there are some others from the party. He was so good for the party! He even sat nicely with both Matt and I to open ALL his gifts. Notice how happy he was that Mom forgot to have him wear his crown for cake. Haha ;)

By the way, the adorable shirt Joshua's wearing... I made it! My first attempt at clothing. Matt's Gram is the most amazing seamstress, and she guided me through it. She even folded down the pattern b/c I bought the wrong size. I can't wait to make another!

My one sale has turned into 28, plus a few custom orders on the side. I am so incredibly blessed! Let me tell you, though, it's quite overwhelming to start a new business with a baby and husband and home, trying to complete tons of projects so you can get your name out there and sell your stuff. This past year has been a big blur of very little sleep, and the past few months it really has had nothing to do with Joshua. I'm up until *gasp* 2 am and later most nights, and I feel like I still haven't quite gotten the hang of the balancing act this all is. By God's grace I have made sales, though, and I know He keeps me each day though I fail time and time again to get my priorities and life organized.

The past couple of days have been nice, though. I haven't had a sale for a week, which means a little less running around. And the Lord has helped me resist the urge to check my shop every 10 minutes so I can really enjoy time with Joshua. Biased or not, our baby boy is just the most handsome thing we've ever laid eyes on. He's such a riot, his little personality blooming as it is. Lately he loves to take things apart, be it all of the toys out of their basket, all the books off the shelf, all of the lego blocks Daddy's made into a "J", everything out of Mommy's purse (including every credit card, paper, etc. out of my wallet!). He is a giggle box, especially when Daddy or Mommy laugh and he just has to join in the fun. He's crawling like a pro, zooming all over the house, loves to hold fingers and walk around, and he's starting to get brave enough to try standing on his own. He stood a full 30 seconds today, quite a feat ;). Perhaps the silliest thing he's doing lately is what Daddy appropriately named 'bulldozer.' He crawls with the top of his head on the floor sometimes, and it just makes us burst into laughter.

My friend Theresa tagged me for something, so I'll try to post that tomorrow along with some fun photos- something I'm just dying to share!