Thursday, June 21, 2007

My first sale!

Yipee! I'm walking on air! I've been a little discouraged these past few days, wondering if I got myself into something ridiculous and somehow misinterpreted the opportunities God has created. Wednesday afternoon I checked on my etsy shop (which I admitedly do many many times per day!) and saw that an item was missing. I figured I must've left it in edit, somehow, though I didn't think so because I'd just listed it a few hours before. It took a minute before I saw on my front page: 1 item sold. Disbelief and excitement swept over me!

My very first buyer is a fellow etsian seller (and excellent scrapper) who I have been chatting with for the past month. How wonderful that my new friend is my first customer- yeah Gina! I'll add her shop link as soon as I figure out why my silly blog isn't allowing me to edit my linke :).

Just wanted to share my wonderful news with you and here's hope and a prayer that I have many many more sales to come!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Well, so far I haven't had any success on etsy, but I'm hoping that changes soon. My items seem to be viewed a lot and I've had lots of "hearts" (marked as a favorite) and compliments.

My wonderful sister-in-law, Stef, has partnered up with me selling things in a shop downtown called Le Marche. My blankets and frames are already in the shop, and Stef has some projects in the works, including some gorgeous designer pillows. Plus, next month I will have an ad in a FREE Kids Directory that can be found in businesses all over Bakersfield. Hopefully I can start selling soon!

Joshua has been quite busy crawling all around. As an anniversary present to Daddy & Mommy, he began crawling (June 1st). He's getting quite good at it. His first birthday is very quickly approaching, which honestly leaves me teary-eyed...and not out of joy. We enjoy each and every day with our little blessing, but it is just very difficult for me to let go of the fact that time passes quickly and we never regain what has passed...and grown. Life goes so very quickly, and it is such a tremendous gift from God.

We've had a very busy month! Two weekends ago my "baby" sister graduated from college! I can't believe she beat me, and she will officially be a nurse very shortly. Lst Friday Joshua met his Great Grandma Bev (my mom's mom). He was a very good boy, impressed her very much. Saturday we attended a wedding in San Clemente; the ceremony was right on the beach and we even saw a couple of dolphins swim by. Joshua was so good and barely made some raspberry sounds :). For Father's Day we spent the day in Huntington/Long Beach with my dad. Brunch at Ruby's on the pier, "playing" on the playground on the beach, watching everyone race superkarts, playing with Hudson, and dinner at On the was quite a busy day for our baby. This coming weekend includes a trip to San Diego and....Disneyland! I'll try to post some photos by the end of next week. :)