Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Welcome to my (our) new blog! My friend Theresa suggested this might be easier to keep everyone updated with Joshua (oh, and I guess Matt & I as well, lol), so I'm giving it a shot.

Joshua is 6 months old- already half a year! His personality keeps blossoming and he seems to be a more animated version of what he's already been. He is quite the talker. He loves to squeal and gurgle whenever he feels like it. He went in the church nursery for the first time this Sunday and when I picked him up the gal commented on how much he'd been talking! He can roll over both ways now, though when he rolls onto his tummy he seems to forget that he can roll to his back again. Joshua also started sitting up a couple of weeks ago and is stronger every day. He can sit and play for such a long time and seems to entertain himself better this way because he isn't constantly watching Mommy. He leans forward to grab his toys and just gets smarter by the day! No teeth yet, but he is eating lots of baby food- he is such a good eater.

Things are busier than ever in our house this year. In addition to the normal workload and picking up our niece and nephew from school each afternoon, Matt and I have both returned to school. Well, I should say that I've returned after my "maternity leave" that began last June. I'm starting out with just one class this semester, and I'm still working toward my BS in Biblical Studies with Moody Bible Institute online (only 9 classes left!). Matt has actually gone back to school. He graduated with his AS in Admin. of Justice in '03 and is now taking a very different route. He needs to complete only 7 classes to get an associate's in Fire Technology, and he is quite the bigshot by taking on 3 of those classes this semester. Two of these are online fire classes and the third is an EMT course which he drives to Bakersfield for two nights a week, (about 6 to 8 or 9 p.m.). Matt is still working at the junior high as truant officer, but as this is not a career and still has not shifted to full-time hours, he's felt for a while that something else is necessary. So, it looks like my hubby is going to be a fireman! And he is already doing so well getting into shape by running every day. We never expected the Lord to lead us in this direction, but He laid it on Matt's heart and has opened the door, so here goes!Thanks for looking! I'll post as often as I can and will be sure to include new pictures of Joshua! God bless!