Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another long week

We've had another long week, but thankfully it was better than the previous one. We made three trips to Bakersfield to check on Carly's bili levels. Though others tried to reassure me that she looked better, to me Carly looked the same as when we'd left the hospital last Thursday. Her level had been 11.8 then. Sure enough, mommy knows best because on Tuesday it was up to 15.5. The dr. hoped this rebound was on it's way down, so she told us to come back for another blood draw the next day to determine if she'd send lights home with us (no more hospital, yay!). On Wednesday and it was pretty much the same at 15.2, so they decided to give us the day off and come into the office Friday for just a skin reading and to reevaluate.

I did not pray about all of this nearly enough. I'm sure I could give an excuse like new mommy exhaustion and the busyness of going to Bakersfield and back so often, and I'm sure this is all true to an extent. Mostly I think I just wasn't relying on the Lord, and with two babies and a husband that all mean so much to me, there's no reason for me to not give praise and total reliance to the One who has blessed me so. He is so good despite my failures, and I know many others were faithful to prayer. When we went back Friday my sweet girl was down to 12.5. Praise God!!!!!!! And thank you so much for your prayers; they did not return void.

We would be greatful for continued prayer for Carly, and also for the family for a new health issue. Our baby boy slept in his big boy bed in his big boy room for the first time last night, and without any trouble. When I checked on him this morning he was sweetly sitting against his pillow, just looking out the window. I climbed up on the bed with him and right away noticed goobers all around his right eye and also saw that it was red. Yep, Joshua has pink eye for the first time and Matt also has it. Please pray that they heal quickly, that it doesn't return, and that Carly and I don't get it.

I was bummed that this meant a third Sunday away from church and a cancelled dinner with friends this evening. But we are still going to Bakersfield to shop for a "new" car finally, and we'll be able to stay the night at my mom's to continue our search tomorrow if needed as well as to take Carly in for another skin check.

Though we did get our family/newborn photos taken Tuesday at Picture People (which we haven't even had time to look at yet), we've fallen prey to not taking as many pictures with #2 already. These pics are from the 12th and 13th. Hopefully we'll get in lots of pics this week, including something for her birth announcement (which I am NOT making this time around!). So stay tuned for newer, recent pics.


jason s said...

Joshua looks so old next to Carly! I'm glad she's doing better and I hope that the boys' eyes clear up soon.

Marie said...

Oh, she is so beautiful! When I see such a beautiful new baby and how awesome God is through your family, how can I be certain that I am done having children? I guess it's really in the Lord's hands, not mine! We will continue to keep praying for all of you. Continue to abide in Him and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you to overflowing so that you can be the mom and wife He has called you to be.
Love you lots dear friend!

The Hackett Family - said...

Hi Jen,

Carly is soooo cute! I hope and pray that the family is all doing well (and that you are getting some sleep).

Take care my friend,

Cheryl = )

Rach n Adam said...

Hey! I was so happy to come across your blog! It has been forever since I've seen you! I am so happy for you and Matt! Your children are beautiful. Congrats on your new little girl. I am happy that you are all well! Take care!
Rachel (anderson) Steele